“Our clients are loving it and our staff are finding it simple and easy to use.”
“The clients love us for it, while the guys at MyPhysio App do all the hard work!”
Karen Finnin, Physios Online
“I would have no hesitations in recommending MyPhysio App to any other Physiotherapy practice.”
Catriona Croghan, Phyxit Physio

How Will Your Clinic Benefit from the World’s Best Exercise Prescription App?

Exercise prescription is just the start. We’ve been modernising practices around Australia for 5+ years. Watch the video to find out exactly how this app can change things for your physiotherapy clients (and maybe even help you get a few more…).

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Why Should You Go Digital?

Why use a phonebook when you’ve got Google? Why send a cheque when you can do a direct transfer? The world has gone digital and physiotherapists are now playing catch up. MyPhysio App can help even the most technophobic physios move into the future.

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Phone “Checks” by an Average User
Open Rate for Push Notification Marketing

Full of User-Friendly Features for Physiotherapists, Practice Managers & your Clients

MyPhysio App is the only App that helps your clients and grows your business.

Easy For The Physio

MyPhysio App knows what you need. You control the system via the online Dashboard on your existing computer. The workflow for prescribing is lightening fast and intuitive to use, saving precious minutes in your day. It features over 600 common exercises, customisable templates, and drag n’ drop arrangement.

You maintain full control over the prescription without having to touch the client’s phone. Say goodbye to stick figures and scribbles!

Ultimate Convenience For The Client

With your important information always at their fingertips, clients will have no barriers to completing their HEP at work, gym or home. Our high quality exercise videos and photos, plus the timer that guides them through their session, takes the anxiety out of the process. Clients actually enjoy following the program, taking exercise compliance to a whole new level.

The Investment In Technology

Not all Apps are created equal.  Many of our competitors use cheap “Web Based” Apps, which are essentially websites viewed on your phone; they have limited features, are slow and require constant access to the internet.

MyPhysio App provides  “Native” Apps that are rich in features, fast, and fun to use. We continue to invest strongly into our Apps to ensure they make full use of the technology as it becomes available.

Flexible To Your Needs

MyPhysio App gives you unrivalled quality media with professional photos, videos and instructionals for 600 common private practice exercises. And if your favourite exercise isn’t there, MyPhysio App let’s you customise existing exercises or add your own without any fuss at all.

We continually grow our library based on feedback from our valued physiotherapy subscriber base. So if there’s something you want, we can provide.

Next Level Marketing Power

Push Notifications give you exponentially more marketing power to promote your services. As familiar as Gmail and Facebook notifications, these messages are free and highly effective at engaging clients with your brand. Current research shows that Push Notifications receive nearly 80% action rates. Compare that to just 23% for email marketing.

With MyPhysio App you can even schedule messages to inform clients about your available services, or send a promotion sports groups with a link back to your website. The opportunities to turbo-charge your business marketing are very much within reach.

Scales From Small Practice To Multi-Site Hospitals

Our current subscribers include solo practitioners, multi-site health groups, regional hospitals and leading universities. The MyPhysio App system gives you the ability to manage multiple locations and teams of users with ease. Exercises, information and even marketing material can be shared across locations with the click of a button.

And Those Are Just A Few Of The Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Easy To Setup, Simple To Learn

  • Ready To Use In Your Practice Today

  • No Setup Fees & No Lock-In Contracts

  • Ongoing Free Updates & Feature Additions

  • Access Via Your Existing Computers & Tablets

  • Powerful Native Apps In Android & iPhone

  • Practice Branding Delivered Alongside Your Exercises

  • Manage Sports Teams & Workplaces On Location With Ease

  • Add Your Own Exercises Or Customise Existing

  • Use Exercise Templates for Lightening Fast Prescriptions

  • Attract Attention With Push Notifications & Marketing

  • Manage Multiple Practice Locations With Ease

  • Integrates With Cliniko Practice Management Software

  • Prescribe Important Education & Further Reading

  • Monitor Exercise Compliance & Results

  • Use Technology “Wow Factor” To Attract New Clients

Ok, Let’s Take A Look

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“Our Clients Are Loving It”

“Using MyPhysio App has allowed us to interact much more closely with our clients as well as providing a direct marketing avenue.  Our clients are loving it, our staff are finding it simple and easy to use, and I am really happy with the small investment for a strong business return.”

Aaron Hardaker, Owner at Mid North Coast Physiotherapy

“The patients love us for it, while the guys at MyPhysio App do all the hard work!”
Karen Finnin, Physios Online
“MyPhysio app has given our clinic a unique point of difference and has allowed us to be at the forefront of physiotherapy within our community.”
Alyse Morgan, M3 Clinic
“10 out of 10. We’ve had so much positive feedback! Clients love it. They take it to the gym, do their exercises… easy!”
Catriona Croghan, Phyxit Physio & Sports Injury Clinic
“Much better than stick figures on loose bits of paper” – 5 stars
Justin, App Review on Google Play
“Why has no one else thought of this? Such a brilliant idea and for someone like me, lazy and forgetful- the app is so clever. No more sheepish visits to the Physio- I’m motivated to do the stretches and actually do them!”
Ela, App Review on iTunes
“MyPhysio App is a great tool for our team. We travel the world playing beach volleyball and it gives us the opportunity connect with our physio despite our distance.”
Becchara Palmer, Australian Olympic Beach Volleyballer

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